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1105 Media Offers Leads with Predictive Intelligence

Irvine, CA, May 24, 2018  -- 1105 Media Inc. today announced "Leads Powered By Prophyts," an initiative that will run all campaign-generated leads through the powerful Prophyts prediction engine, giving marketers a deeper level of purchase intelligence related to their traditional demand-gen and lead-gen efforts.

The powerful predictive Prophyts algorithm is able to identify early-stage buyers that are in-market to purchase products within specific technology categories. By overlaying this AI with traditional campaign-generated leads, marketers can hyper-target and prioritize their campaign-generated leads, in essence super-charging their efforts.

"We know that 21st century marketing teams are a revenue center within today's organizations, and we need to be able to provide the very best ROI using every resource and technology that's available to us. The Prophyts prediction engine, which is tuned to identify early-stage buyers, is a perfect complement to any lead campaign that runs with us," said Henry Allain, COO, 1105 Media.

Leads Powered By Prophyts is available now. Contact Dan LaBianca at for more information.

About Prophyts
Prophyts is a Predictive Account Based Marketing company offering Predictive ABM, Predictive Named Account services, and Marketing Services. Prophyts is powered by a patent-pending machine-learning algorithm that sifts through billions of monthly page views and the reading activity of millions of potential B2B buyers. Based on this data, Prophyts predicts companies in-market, early in the Buyer Journey, enabling companies to optimize their marketing efforts and accelerate their revenues.

About 1105 Media Inc.
1105 Media Inc. is a leading provider of business-to-business (B2B) media services in the ABM, Big Data, education technology, enterprise computing, government technology and infrastructure markets. 1105 Media's offerings span print and online magazines, journals and newsletters; seminars, conferences and trade shows; training courseware; marketing and Web-based services.

Posted on May 24, 2018 at 1:19 PM