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For help with your print subscription issues, please see the instructions on the inside of your magazine or call (866) 293-3194. Please have your mailing label from your latest issue ready when you call.

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For help with any newsletter-related issues, please e-mail

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To opt out of e-mail contact from our company, please use the form here or e-mail Please be sure to note exactly which e-mail addresses to block. Note that removals may take a few days to take effect as the changes need to propagate throughout all our databases.

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To opt-out of these methods of contact, fill out the related forms linked to from our Privacy Policy page.

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Media Kits

Please go here to request that a sales rep send you a Media Kit for one of our properties.

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Our list rental services are handled by Data Axle. Visit them for more information.


Our reprints are handled by PARS International. More information can be found here.

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