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1105 Media Unveils New Brand: AI Boardroom – Where AI Meets the C-Suite

Woodland Hills, Calif.-–May 15, 2024--1105 Media is excited to announce the launch of its new brand, AI Boardroom (, the premier destination for C-Level executives keen on navigating the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence. AI Boardroom is designed to serve as the nexus where industry leaders can connect, learn, and lead the charge in integrating AI into their strategic visions.

"Embracing AI is no longer optional for leaders—it’s imperative to their survival and success," stated Rajeev Kapur, CEO and Chief AI Officer at 1105 Media. "C-suite leaders can't afford to be left behind. AI Boardroom is where innovators can go to get ahead and truly connect with the future of AI."

Group Presidents and AI Boardroom Co-Chairs, Meighan Berberich and Dan Labianca, emphasize the brand's unique position. "AI Boardroom will bridge the gap between AI potential and executive action," said Berberich. Labianca added, "We are committed to delivering programs that not only inform but inspire leaders to propel their organizations forward with AI."

Upcoming AI Boardroom events include the AI Literacy Summit in August 2024 in San Diego, Calif. and an exclusive Executive AI Summit in Spring 2025 in Las Vegas. These events promise to provide intensive learning experiences and networking opportunities designed to elevate understanding and application of AI at the executive level.

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About AI Boardroom:
AI Boardroom is where leaders learn to lead with AI. Through exclusive events, cutting-edge online content, and access to AI pioneers, we provide the network and tools for strategic growth and innovation with AI.

About 1105 Media, Inc.:
1105 Media, Inc., is a leading business-to-business (B2B) services provider whose sole mission is to help its customers grow their business. Businesses rely on 1105 Media's unique knowledge, content and expertise to identify and deliver qualified buyers for their products in a wide array of industries from the AI, enterprise computing, data and analytics, security, education and infrastructure markets, among others. A leader in AI technology, content and training, 1105 Media also offers content creation, digital and live events, and a wide array of marketing services. Find out more at

Posted on May 21, 2024 at 1:19 PM